Deutsche Bahn - Discovering the potential of AR for orientation while traveling

Sector: Mobility
In a design team with a fellow UX Designer, we built a functional prototype of an AR application that helps travelers with orientation at train stations and during their journey. Within one day, we conducted a pop up test of the app at one of the biggest train stations in Germany and afterwards evaluated and documented key insights.
A photo shows a man with a backpack standing at a train station. Directly in front of him, a train is arriving. There are several people moving around him, too, so he appears to be the only stationary object in the picture.

My Role

UX designer in a team of 3 (PM, UX)

My Tasks

  • Concept and building of a mid fidelity AR prototype
  • Conduction & documentation of a pop up user testing
  • Evaluation & documentation of key insights

Applied Methods and Frameworks

  • Pop Up UX Lab
  • Rainbow Spreadsheet
  • Insight Gold Nuggets

This project is under a non disclosure agreement.
I may not share more details of my work.