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Independesk - Refining the independesk desk sharing service

Sector: Real estate
In a team of five designers, we helped independesk identify unknown opportunities for the design of their desk sharing service. In a sector where competition is tough, the key to building a strong value proposition was finding out what other co working services have missed out on: inclusiveness.
A group of four men are sitting at a table in a cozy office. They all have their own laptops and are either sunken in their work or conversing over the tabletop.

My Role

UX designer in a team of 5 (Service Design)

My Tasks

  • Extensive user research
  • Evaluation of risks and opportunities
  • Evaluation of user insights
  • Service concepts and prototypes
  • Design workshops
  • Presentation and insight sharing

Applied Methods and Frameworks

This project is under a non disclosure agreement.
I may not share more details of my work.

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