Deutsche Bahn - A digital product platform to enable the design of brand compliant products

Sector: Mobility
In a product team of many professionals and skillful designers, I helped create the DB Digital Product Platform.
A photo shows a man with a backpack standing at a train station. Directly in front of him, a train is arriving. There are several people moving around him, too, so he appears to be the only stationary object in the picture.

My Role

UI designer in a team of >60 (UX, UI, Dev, PO, PM and more)

My Tasks

  • UI design of reusable components
  • Exploration and creation of reusable illustration styles
  • Design of accessible user interface guidelines
  • Collaboration with developers in agile product environment
  • Interface design for numerous digital products with the developed design system

This project is under a non disclosure agreement.
I may not share more details of my work.